Episode Guide


Episode 1. - Let the Journey to LA Begin!
Pilot Episode - The journey to Hollywood!
The pilot episode kicked off in Salt Lake City, Utah in the fall of 2014 with 3 rounds of intense auditions. Over 400 kids and parents showed up for the auditions in hopes of making it to LA. Throughout the pilot episode we will follow a few of these families as they complete the 8 week talent development boot camp and prepare for their journey to Hollywood. To the surprise of the selected families there were a few more test/challenges that they needed to pass in order to make the trip to LA. A few of the parents/children did not handle the unexpected very well. As we all know when its comes to making it in Hollywood you should always expect the unexpected. Staying at the famed Oakwood was exciting and very entertaining but not everyone was well behaved, including the parents.

Throughout the pilot episode we will see the highs and low of the journey to stardom. We will find out which parent and child was able handled the pressure of show biz and strive in the unpredictable world of hollywood! At the conclusion of the pilot episode 4 parents and children will be invited back to LA for the 2016 Pilot Season.

Guest Celebrity Mentor.

Deon Richmond (The Cosby Show) is the first of many former child stars that will be on hand to give real-world context to the parents and to mentor the children. Richmond, started on The Cosby Show at age 6, and though it was a family friendly show, 25 plus years later, the show’s patriarch is under media fire for allegations of misconduct off-screen during the height of the show’s success. Whether the allegations are true or not, the fact underscores that parents must be mindful of the “adult settings” that their children will be placed in as child-stars. The series will visit several other small towns nationwide (with Utah being the first stop), to scout additional talent. Ultimately, one family will remain to compete for their chance at stardom.