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Growing up Andrea feel in love with the art of film making, acting, and the whole production of it all. Acting was her get away from a very dysfunctional home. Movies and theatre could always make her happy. It never mattered what was going on in her world acting would always make me feel alive! At the age of seventeen she ran away from her hometown in Houston, Texas against her family’s will and relocated to Los Angeles, California to become a big Hollywood Super-Star. With over 15 years of training, films and live theater under her belt she still gets the rush, passion and love for the art of being able to read a script and fall into that character. My name is Andrea C. Edwards-Owusu and I’m an actress!

For the past 10 Years Andrea has been her daughter’s Momager preparing and molding her daughter Nyla into A Mega Star. Andrea is a Single Mother of three extraordinary kids who fight for her attention. Her teenager Tennison (Like the Poet). Is a 13 year old writer, master drummer and pianist, who will soon be attending college and getting his first novel published this upcoming summer. Her youngest daughter Priscilla is a 3 year old drama queen in training is following her older sister Nyla’s footsteps as the youngest dancer at her Dance Academy. At times Priscilla fights her older sister for the spotlight and takes over the crowd. With a 10 year old aspiring: Dance – Pop Star/Actress/ Model and a 3 Year Dancer/ Singer drama queen and a Thirteen year old soon to be College student Andrea’s has her hands full.

CATEGORIES: Actress, Model, Singer