Show creator and executive producer, Bill Herndon (Lifetime, VH1, & Big Fish); sees “Stage Moms of LA” as the chance to offer a “course correction” of sorts to the families seeking stardom.  Stage Moms of LA was selected as a 2014 NYTVF Lifetime Pipeline Development Semi-finalistThe show, he shares is, “just as much about the parents as it is the kids. I’ve seen so many talented young actors and singers derailed by parents who live vicariously through their children. These parents often become the demise of young stars because they are all too often unreasonable, hotheaded, and unknowledgeable about their craft. This show offers not only the chance to be a star, but the chance to have stable lives, beyond the lights, even if these children become household names.”


Deon Richmond (The Cosby Show) is the first of many former child stars that will be on hand to give real-world context to the parents and to mentor the children. Richmond, started on The Cosby Show at age 6, and though it was a family friendly show, 25 plus years later, the show’s patriarch is under media fire for allegations of misconduct off-screen during the height of the show’s success. Whether the allegations are true or not, the fact underscores that parents must be mindful of the “adult settings” that their children will be placed in as child-stars.  The series will visit several other small towns nationwide (with Utah being the first stop), to scout additional talent. Ultimately, one family will remain to compete for their chance at stardom.


Utah is quickly becoming one of the growing markets where movies & television shows are shot; unique for it’s off the grid location with a growing talent base, and an excellent place to seek child stars due to its strong base of families & individuals with core religious beliefs. The show aims to prepare children for a life in show business, and the ability to transition well from a child-star to a star, as the years go by.


“Stage Moms of LA” will continue filming in Los Angeles from June 15th – 30th; and will run both in syndication and via online networks; premiering in July 2015.