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This new docu-series kicked off in Salt Lake City, UT with 3 rounds of auditions and with 15 children selected (as semi-finalist) and then put into an 8 – week talent development boot camp.  At the conclusion of the talent development boot camp the group was narrowed down to 6 children as finalists. The 6 finalists were then taken from Utah and given the opportunity to live in Los Angeles for 10 days, for the chance to hit it big. The finalists lived at the Los Angeles’ famed, Oakwood Villas Apartment Complex (childhood home to: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Frankie Muniz, Hillary Duff and countless others), alongside current child celebrities; just blocks away from Hollywood Studios. While there, they were put through additional workshops and auditions with LA based casting directors.  Several of the kids had major auditions while in LA.  Alongside the training that the kids went through, the parents were also being “schooled.” Parents were taught how NOT to get in the way of their children’s path to stardom but how to enable them to be well-rounded in all aspects of their life.

Stage Moms of LA is more then just a docu-series reality show.  The show offers unique opportunities for both the children and the parents, in the area of talent development and obtaining the tools needed to navigate the treacherous waters of show business